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Global Transition and Transformation in Auto-Mobile Industry – Where we Currently Stand

Global Transition and Transformation in Auto-Mobile Industry – Where we Currently Stand

In today’s time when technology is progressing at a rapid pace, several industries are adopting to these progressive changes to cope up with market demand. Auto-industry is no exception and following suit of such changes to meet market/customer expectations.

The auto-industry has come a long way from gasoline combustion engine cars to hybrid and electric motors to stay relevant in the market and provide customers the luxuries/comfortabilities they so desire. However, the technology is evolving, but in limited developed or developing countries. In-other parts of the world (third world countries) people still have to rely on what they have to make the ends meet rather than focusing on luxuries.

Similar, in Pakistan, where a new innovation only enters when its either become obsolete or discarded in other parts of the world, people have no other choice but to make peace with what they have and get the best out of it. Fuel combustion engines require constant attention, they are not pocket friendly and are impacting the climate negatively. People in Pakistan who have to rely on what the Government offers tend to suffer the most. They have no other option but to opt for these high fuel consumption cars which put a lot of burden on their pockets with constant increase in petrol prices.

We are wedged with what’s being offered. However, what can we do is to regularly conduct repair and maintenance of our vehicles which can prolong their life and save us extra amount before proper introduction of electric vehicles in the market. In order to have a defect/issue free vehicle, one must perform the following activities;

    • Daily oil check in the morning before starting the vehicle.
    • Daily water check in radiator and water bottle.
    • Regular oil change on recommended time/kilometers.
    • Weekly tire pressure monitoring.
    • Monthly car tuning along with cleaning of air filter and brake pads.
    • Monthly wheel alignment.
    • Monthly computer testing for both local and imported vehicles.
    • Regular repair and maintenance of all important gadgets.

While we wait and pray for the transition in local auto-market, the aforementioned activities should be followed by both old and new vehicle owners till that transition happens. We must do what is necessary for a well-managed defect free vehicle.