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Near By Mechanics
By just one click you can easily find nearby mechanics, Auto parts shops, Auto repair And car wash as per their abilities, experience, and performances. Now you can vote them up and down, by placing your positive feedback to make their services better.

People across Pakistan didn’t have the resources to make smart and efficient choices regarding car repairs. Mechano took responsibility of connecting end users with best possible auto repair resource available around you for your convenience and emergencies.
Nearby Auto Parts Shops
The auto parts shop plays a vital role in the auto repair industry in Pakistan. These shops sell auto parts and spare parts as per users' needs. By using the Mechano App, you can now easily connect with your nearby mechanics at the auto workshop in Islamabad. Moreover, there are online car mechanics in Islamabad and online auto parts shops as per your needs.
Ranking Level
At MECHANO NEARBY, our mission is to revolutionize the auto repair industry by implementing a comprehensive assessment and grading policy for local auto repair businesses. We understand the importance of finding trustworthy and reliable professionals who can cater to your vehicle's needs. To achieve this, we've devised a meticulous system that evaluates and grades auto repair shops and services based on five key parameters. Expertise and Skill, Quality of Service, Customer Reviews and Ratings, Transparency and Pricing, Timeliness and Efficiency. With MECHANO NEARBY MECHANIC, you can confidently choose a professional who aligns with your vehicle's requirements and your expectations for quality, transparency, and efficiency.
Near By Auto Service Shop
Our platform offers a unique approach to searching for auto service shops based on the level of expertise they offer. Whether you require routine maintenance, complex repairs, or specialized services, you can easily search for shops that match your requirements. But that's not all – we go a step further. Mechano NearBy enables you to interact directly with these professionals, bridging the gap between you and the expertise you seek.
Brief Details


    • Easily search Auto Workshops and professionals around you in Five Major cities.
    • Get all relevant details of shops and professionals as per their working abilities & our grading criteria.
    • Not only you can search their locations but you can also track them by calling and avail their services.
    • Special offer for Mechano Users!
    • Can rescue you if the resource is available within 20 to 30 km of your radius

Workshops around you will provide special perks & privileges

    • Can rescue you if the resource is available within 20 to 30 km of your radius
    • 10 to 30% discount on their services.
    • Offer you late hour’s services.
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