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Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance

Guide to Proper Tire Maintenance and Repair

Tire Maintenance are indispensable for every sort of vehicle. No matter if it is a bus, a car, motorbike, tires are essential to make them move one to another. With a rapid change in technology, the tire manufacturers are continuously introducing new and improved products ranging from tubeless/radial tires, high-performance tires to all-season tires. We are now at a point where companies are testing airless tires to reduce the vulnerability of tires getting flat and frequent replacements.

These changes or new introductions are quite promising and have resulted in much improved handling, greater stopping power, more grip on roads and overall safety of vehicles. These modern age radial tires have become an important, high-tech piece of equipment to carry ever increasing loads. With the high number of kilometers every tire is expected to travel, it is vital to ensure that you are properly maintaining and repairing your tires as they keep getting used. Tires, like any other vehicle equipment, need proper care to perform and last in the long-run. Your tires are bound to wear and tear as they are the only part of your vehicle that is in direct contact with the road. Thus, it is essential to make sure that the tires are used to the best of their abilities.

While proper and timely tires maintenance is quite important. Majority of the people either do not have enough knowledge about how to take proper care of their tires or they do not bother about it at all. Either way, the good news is, proper tire maintenance and repair is relatively easy and simple. You just have to keep these unpretentious items in check to keep them running

Tire Rotation

Regularly rotating your tires is an important part of tire maintenance. You can either ask the technician to rotate them on the basis of front and back or in cross location, choice is yours. It is recommended that you schedule a tire rotation after every 10 thousand kilometers of travel. During this process, the technician can inspect the condition of each tire for catching and correcting the cause(s) of uneven tire wear early to prevent them from wearing out too soon.

Air Pressure

Another important aspect of tire maintenance is a weekly air pressure check. It is recommended that you always use a digital pressure gauge instead of manual to accurately monitor the air pressure. You should check the air pressure during morning time before you have driven the vehicle to get the exact number. The standard air pressure for street motorcycles is between 28 to 40 psi range, for low-transport vehicles its 32 to 40 psi and for heavy-transport vehicles its 105 psi. However, these numbers may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and vehicle to vehicle.

Tread Depth

Your tire tread allows your vehicle to grip the road and maintain control. If the trenches in the tire have worn down, your vehicle won’t grip the road effectively. Following test should be performed to test the tread of your tires. 1) Find the area on your tire with the lowest tread. 2) Take a coin and insert it, headfirst, into the tire tread. 3) If you can see the half of coin, your tire tread is low and it needs replacement.

Punctured Tires

Even with continuous maintenance, tires do sometimes get punctured. Drive should be well aware of proper procedures for getting the tires fixed. Improper tire repair can cause blowouts, accidents and serious injuries. When getting a tire repaired, the driver should ask the technician about the method which he will use for repairing it. Check and see; if the technician removed the wheel for proper inspection. And if he inserted required air for checking of punctured area.

To ensure the safety and stability of vehicle, it is important that you follow these instructions to prolong tires life. Also make sure that they are properly taken care of and repaired regularly to keep a well-balanced car, which is easy to drive. After all, “Everything” is riding on your tires!

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