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Cost Estimator​

Lack of transparency in auto repair service prices can be an incredibly stressful experience for most vehicle owners. Whether it's a routine maintenance task or a major repair, not knowing the true cost estimator of the service can leave customers feeling vulnerable and uncertain. Consequently, this lack of information often leads to a sense of distrust and frustration within the auto repair industry.

Recognizing this pressing issue, Connect station has introduced the Mechano app, an innovative solution - the Auto Repairing Expense Estimator. Customers now have the ability to calculate market-standard charges for various auto repairing services rendered against their vehicles. This empowering feature enables users to make informed decisions. It enables users to be fully aware of the expenses they are likely to bear when getting their vehicle repaired nearby. As a result, customers can approach auto repairs with confidence, knowing they have access to reliable cost estimates before committing to any service.


The auto repairing industry of Pakistan is not regulated, and there are no SOPs for businesses, professionals, or end users. Consequently, anyone involved in this industry is at stake. However, Mechano aims to bring transparency to the industry by introducing an Auto Repairing Expense Estimator, easily accessible through our Mechano App. Now you can calculate the service cost for your auto repairs, offered by nearby markets. 

MECHANO ESTIMATOR calculates for you the service cost of your auto repair, offered by your nearby Market. More specifically; it helps you to get an idea about the possible expense that can be incurred. Also, it is quite helpful in estimating the cost of your vehicle maintenance. The expense calculation is estimated for a wide range of auto repair services, which may vary from city to city.

Your Mechanic charges you a justified amount of money by clicking on Mechano Cost Estimator.

  • Auto repairing market awareness
  • Calculate different vehicle’s expense
  • Check repair expenses before buying a vehicle
  • Regulate the Auto repairing Industry

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