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Auto Repair and Maintenance – AC Blowing Hot Air

During this weather condition, auto repair and maintenance are necessary. Sudden degradation in climate change throughout the globe has caused massive disruptions. Heat waves are expanding globally which are negatively impacting the ecosystems.Weather conditions are changing drastically with the summer season getting prolonged. This results in people looking for contingencies to stay imperturbable during massive heat waves. Staying indoors at a controlled temperature with the help of air conditioners is the need of the hour. Thus, the demand for air conditioners has increased rapidly both commercially and publicly worldwide. Pakistan is no exception when it comes to rapid increases in temperature during the summer season. People have to stay in temperature-controlled AC rooms and vehicles.

However, Air Conditioners (ACs) used at commercial and residential areas are quite different in comparison to ACs used in small and medium-scale vehicles, but the one thing common between different categories of these air conditioners is the ailment of the machinery. The performance of any type of AC massively depends upon its working condition. It is recommended by many companies to regularly inspect in-door ACs for any required repair and maintenance to prolong their life.

Similarly, in the case of car AC, season-wise inspection from authorized mechanics is mandatory. The majority of times, people do not perform these health checks which results in performance decreases and car vents blowing hot air inside. 

Signs Your Car AC Needs Repair

  • Condenser is chocked, thus not letting the cold air pass through pipes
  • Compressor is not working properly
  • AC is low on gas quantity
  • Motor of AC fan is small, which shuts down the AC fan when engine requires cool air to maintain the car temperature
  • AC of the car needs its yearly service

Common AC problems in vehicles vary based on engine condition and capacity. Auto Repair and maintenance.


Hence, visiting any authorized mechanic before jumping to any conclusions is highly recommended. It would be best if you take a second or third opinion to make the final call. Most of the time, in our local market, mechanics tend to exaggerate or misguide those who have limited knowledge about the subject. In today’s time, when almost everyone has access to the internet and social media, the ideal approach should be to search for the problem online, see what people wrote about it, how did they solve the problem and what mechanics do they recommend for resolving it.

Choose the Right Auto Repair and Maintenance Service

You can find multiple authorized mechanics in every major market. Search for them, and ask about them before opting for unauthorized mechanics who tend to have minimum knowledge of the problem. Visiting such mechanics can save you some money, but can cause some major headaches in the long run. Choose the right mechanic for Auto repair and maintenance for a longer sustainable car AC performance for smooth journeys, visit any nearby authorized shop and get it checked. You can visit the Nearby Mechano Certified unit as well. 

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November 11, 2021